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Constructed along the lines of Loach's 1990 political thriller "Hidden Agenda," pic laudably tries to find a sideways view on the conflict and its appalling atrocities.
All this has promoted democracy and democratic exercise to laudably high levels," he said.
In response to your lively and laudably wide-ranging interchange on the influence of Balanchine today ("Are We Overdosing on Balanchine?
And, frankly, the name is a good fit for a bridge whose aesthetics and history of its surroundings have, laudably, been taken seriously by ODOT, which has encouraged wide citizen involvement.
Climate change policy in Norway features laudably ambitious targets for emission reduction and the promotion of technologies and projects that may reduce the cost, for all countries, of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
Laudably, it is a collaboration between urologists, pathologists and methodologists.
That effort still represented a sharp return to form - especially as the third that day, Mazzola, has since performed laudably at Ayr.
The resort's chefs chose to kick off their exclusive venture with a five-course treat preceded by cocktails and canaps in the laudably grand French Restaurant.
However, even if (to my mind) this conclusion is judicious, Steggle's laudably empirical approach may underestimate some genuinely odd moments in the theatre such as Titus's laughter when he is at the end of his tether, which is unaccountably not quoted in the book despite a section on Titus Andronicus: 'TITUS ANDRONICUS Ha, ha, ha
Thus, Obama has been laudably trying to refrain from counterproductive slips of the tongue.
The Expenses Scandal, laudably brought to light by excellent investigative journalism, leaves the taxpayer open-mouthed in disbelief.
Not only in choice of color is she successful, but more laudably, in density.