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Related to some decent types, Laudation was a nine-length fourth on his first attempt but showed a glimpse of ability on that occasion and should be much wiser this time.
Laudation should be much wiser for the experience, though, and is well worth another shot.
Pierre Boulez felt enormously honoured and moved at the presentation of a Janacek Commemorative medal and a laudation emphasising the role of this today eighty-year-old artist in furthering the understanding and appreciation of Janacek in a country that is still a great epicentre of artistic creation.
The process of establishing literary reputations, the designation of an author as "serious" and deserving of laudation, appears to be a function of academic attention paid to an author (that is, among others, academic articles published on the author's work), as opposed to mere volume of sales.
These contradistinctions provided fodder for much consternation and laudation toward Pachmann in his heyday.
The pained eyes with their troubled assessing gaze, and the unhappy tremulous mouth, suggest that he is sad amid wide laudation.
It seems almost akin to sacrilege to do the work of verifying the facts of our early history so thoroughly as to necessitate the upsetting of all these many years, proud laudation of those who were first to fell the tree, bow the mighty heads of the forest giants, subdue the stubborn glebe and plant the blossoming orchard; and it is a positive relief to think that as the name of the poor, black runaway-slave pioneer is lost and none of his descendants are likely to put in a claim, we can go on composedly reading our histories as they are written, only, "in the mind," inserting the word "white" before the words pioneer or first settler, wherever they occur.
Bentham warned against the fallacy of excessive laudation.
In his laudation Grasserbauer highlighted the importance of Dovichi's work in the field of DNA research.
Charles Jencks in his laudation suggested that Yeang's books on the bioclimatic skyscraper (AR August 1997) will be as influential as Sullivan's 1896 paper on 'The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.
It seems to be a later phase of his Poe laudation, as in a May 15, 1990, radio program interview ("Poets in Person") with Lewis Hyde.
Laudation, surely, and disenchantment, just as surely.