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Related to some decent types, Laudation was a nine-length fourth on his first attempt but showed a glimpse of ability on that occasion and should be much wiser this time.
Laudation should be much wiser for the experience, though, and is well worth another shot.
Laudation has its finesses and duplicities, as Ronsard explains in a celebrated passage in the preface to his 1550 volume of Odes.
Laudation on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Fritz 11, Kemper from ESCOP.
60) Consequently, any laudation or disparagement of a specific candidate for President through any broadcast format available to at least 50,000 individuals is statutorily forbidden if financed by the general treasury of any corporation.
We are seriously considering the issue of continuing to sponsor the event in the future, due to the strong interest we felt on all levels, and given the close co-operation extended by organisers and the laudation heaped upon it," Dr Al Bastaki said.
paragraph] 28 The other issue with Qualcomm concerns its laudation of and reliance on the FTC's Rambus decision, (81) which presents an unavoidable conflict with the D.
We recall ANC anger at what was perceived to be the Afro-pessimism of Disgrace; we recall world laudation.
I would also add that Don Quijote's praise of Barcelona is meant to counter Avellaneda's Zaragoza, and the laudation must be seen in terms ofdefiance rather than true praise.
The fanfare and laudation extended to the openness, honesty, and transparency of the process as well as to its completion, but that part of the deal drew considerable criticism (see NotiCen, 2008-01-03).
In by far the longest contribution to the volume, Piotr Balcerowicz examines the opening sections in a number of Jaina epistemological treatises, not only the features they have in common, but also the elements that are peculiar to some of them, which leads him to hypothesize a threefold development, in which the focus of the mangalacarana-s shifts from a phase of laudation of the tirthankara-s (up to Umasvati), via a phase of recognition of differences with other philosophical systems (represented by authors such as Pujyapada Devanandin and Siddhasena Divakara), to a phase of actual argument against opponents (in works like Mallavadin's Dvadasaranayacakra and Samantabhadra's aptamimamsa).