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Related to some decent types, Laudation was a nine-length fourth on his first attempt but showed a glimpse of ability on that occasion and should be much wiser this time.
LAUDATION looked in desperate need of the experience on his racecourse bow, and an improved performance is anticipated in the Play Golf At Lingfield Marriott Maiden Stakes at the Surrey track.
LINGFIELD 1.00 Paphos 1.30 Laudation 2.00 Story Writer 2.30 Broxbourne 3.00 Storm Runner 3.30 Al's Memory 4.00 Spartic.
In the manner of traditional Persian qasidas, Badr Chach begins with a lengthy divine laudation followed by praise for the Holy Prophet [PBUH] and then an assertion of his own poetic skills.
"Therearetwomoreawardsthat shouldbeonthislisttonight and they arebothforthepromotionof point-to-pointing,"said Tyner, before congratulatingtheSouthUnionHunt Committeeanddemandinga laudation for commentator, ownerandall-roundpoint-to-point guruRichardPugh-thenight's compere.
While reading through GulfWeekly (issue 12), I felt that it was a 'debt in my neck', as we say in Arabic, to write to you and pay my tribute and sincere laudation. Thank you with my whole heart.
But no one will ever read the full text of the laudation the home folks write about you in tarnishing bronze on courthouse squares.
In her 1958 laudation of Karl Jaspers, her former mentor, she noted that:
Gestefeld spoke of?" The word "adulation" does not appear verbatim in the article, although the piece does refer to the vast extremes of public response elicited by Eddy and her work, ranging from "praise and laudation" to "scorn and contumely." In mid-1887, with the latter gaining in volume, Eddy may have simply felt a stranger to the former.
Laudation has its finesses and duplicities, as Ronsard explains in a celebrated passage in the preface to his 1550 volume of Odes.
Laudation on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Fritz 11, Kemper from ESCOP.
(60) Consequently, any laudation or disparagement of a specific candidate for President through any broadcast format available to at least 50,000 individuals is statutorily forbidden if financed by the general treasury of any corporation.