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For this and similar laudations see Saint Augustine: Expositions on the Book of Psalms, Psalm 33, Section 3, p.
For this alone," he wrote, "were designed the carri, the triumphal arches, the theatrical displays and funeral laudations.
Arnold of Baltimore complained testily about "the incessant laudations lavished on the Jewish people.
laudations of the modern enterprise that has given us the railroad, the
The most ballyhooed feature of the laudations was the addition of two categories, specialized and explanatory journalism.
Both of these laudations emanate from American sources; neither takes into account that Hill has been living in the United States for the last ten years - the precise temporal interval since his last volume appeared.
Mulisch's penchant toward holism is demonstrated in a different form in two essays, descriptively titled "Twee laudatio's voor Hein Donner" (Two Laudations for Hein Donner), in which he states that his friendship with this Dutch chess champion was based on a congeniality of their souls but also on a shared fascination for the apparently radically opposed worlds the two friends inhabited.