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In his remarks to the media, the PTI Sindh Parliamentary leader expressed outrage over the former president's laudatory remarks about Anwar, calling him a 'brave child'.
Speeches have been chosen to highlight milestones in American history, and include protest speeches, supportive speeches, informative speeches, laudatory speeches, political speeches, and speeches related to particular issues.
Furthermore, the play should not mention anything related to politics, religion (unless it's in a laudatory way) and nor should it talk about sexual issues.
Nicky Henderson is intent on running Laudatory and Hammersly Lake in the Summer Hurdle and said: "They're both in good form and ready to go.
He expressed pride that all attendants of the conference had laudatory observations to make regarding the meticulous organization of the conference, which further confirmed the great esteem Kuwait has for humanitarian work.
Her film is neither a laudatory pamphlet for either world, nor scathing criticism.
John took part in about 40 exhibitions and a large number of laudatory articles were written about these.
That my feelings are shared by the Post staff was demonstrated by the outpouring of the laudatory comments from them when he was no longer their boss.
Top weight may not prevent LAUDATORY and Nico De Boinville from winning the totescoop6-backed handicap hurdle (2.
This is a collection of 14 essays by Mexican-American literary and cultural commentator Stavans (Latin American and Latino culture, Amherst College) which ranges across such a broad range of subjects within each particular essay, much less across the span of the collection, that it is difficult to nail down any particular unifying themes beyond the book's subtitle, "Essays on Hispanic Popular Culture" and perhaps Stavans' celebration in the preface of "kitsch-as-life in the Hispanic world," with a laudatory understanding of "kitsch" seeming to represent a valuable artificiality and cultural plagiarism, if this reviewer has read him right.
The new guidelines are a particularly laudatory move as they were drafted in view of the grey areas that existed in safety inspections and food handling previously.
The patent office said the slogan was not distinctive enough for it to be trademarked and is "merely laudatory and descriptive.