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The Thai community expressed delight over the Prime Minister's visit to Bahrain which will open broader horizons of co-operation between both countries, lauding the care extended to them at the official and popular levels.
In our opinion, that newspaper has done an outstanding job in presenting both sides, in stark contrast to the Jewish-owned National Post which over the last year has banished news coverage of Israeli attacks against Palestinians, while printing extensive news coverage of Palestinian attacks on Israel, accompanied by reams of columns, editorials and opinion pieces lauding Israel and attacking Palestinians.
The City Council will consider a resolution lauding the Boy Scouts for their work in Santa Clarita.
She underscored Bahrain's keenness on peace and religious co-existence, lauding Manama's exquisite blend of mosques, cathedrals and temples which has been a characteristic feature of Bahrain's openness and religious tolerance for decades.
He described the Bahraini-Saudi relations as a model of brotherly links, lauding Saudi Arabia's continuous support for Bahrain.
Adm Fox thanked His Majesty, lauding his keen interest to bolster relations and praising fruitful co-operation with the BDF during his tenure in Bahrain.
Lauding the war against terrorism, which was Pakistans responsibility, he assured that the motion, lauding the 18th Amendment would also be approved with due consensus.