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Reading accounts of Stalin by the yard will fix that, and then you can laugh along with Amis.
Both men and women laugh more when in single-sex groups.
The "Don't Laugh at Me" project puts at your fingertips important facilitation guidelines to create an anti-bias camp: ways to foster inclusion, provide appropriate materials, create diverse groups, acknowledge differences, prevent exclusion, extend thinking, empower children, meet with parents, and avoid activities that exclude.
21) Laughter while speaking was the initial and immediate example in Italian short stories of literary laughter: the formula "he said while laughing" or "he began to laugh.
The Blahs are awarded anonymously to an individual or department identified as needing moral support or a good laugh.
Sometimes, even when the visual image is of someone we respect, we laugh because the caricature makes him or her look comical or ugly.
Busters and boomers don't laugh at the same things.
Think of a great belly laugh, a laugh that has you doubled over with giggles; a laugh that has you catching your breath; a giggle so infectious it's impossible to regain your composure and the harder you try, the funnier it gets, until it finally sends you to the floor thumping your hand on the ground in absolute glee.
The panel recorded the total number of times each film generated a laugh, before dividing it by the films' total length in minutes to calculate the precise 'laugh a minute' rating for each movie.
They might not laugh as much as the moms, the guys said, but they're having plenty of fun, too.
Not only do you feel good when you laugh, your body is releasing endorphins that could possibly help put an illness into remission.