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"If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
The exquisitely-dressed Mr Yorke, of course, doesn't laugh at the poor, but makes a healthy living out of witheringly mocking everyone's style.
Asthma is nothing to laugh at. But laughing may trigger asthma attacks.
The chapter dealing with the post-Civil Rights era may be the most painful to read, the hardest for many readers to laugh at; it cuts so close to recent experiences and failed hopes.
As she tells the 30 or so people on her Sunday morning course at the Lea Marston Hotel near Kingsbury, she suffered a nervous breakdown, ended up being sectioned and finally managed to come out the other side with the courage to laugh at what she'd been through.
If it makes you laugh then it'll make you laugh at night."
He is the sicko/savant behind a comic entitled "Schizo," and has just released on the world a small book of his very twisted one-panel comics called "Haw!" Nothing is sacred--you'll find yourself laughing and then wondering how you could laugh at something as sick as what you're laughing at.
By harnessing the power of music and art to transform, inspire, and build skills in children, Peter has created the "Don't Laugh at Me" project for use at ACA-accredited camps this summer.
Within the perimeters of the twentieth century what Americans find humorous and laugh at has evolved considerably.
"It is true that man is an animal who can laugh, but it is not true that he therefore should laugh at everything." Indeed, "the proper way" of relaxation was not a laugh but a smile: "that is the way joy is reflected on the face."(46) A more suggestive Christian laughter before Ficino's philosophy was hinted at in Bernard of Clairvaux's sermon on the perfected soul at the threshold of its marriage to the Word.