laugh at

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The "Don't Laugh at Me" project puts at your fingertips important facilitation guidelines to create an anti-bias camp: ways to foster inclusion, provide appropriate materials, create diverse groups, acknowledge differences, prevent exclusion, extend thinking, empower children, meet with parents, and avoid activities that exclude.
She went on to credit her ability to laugh at that time for baby John's resulting happy demeanor.
People automatically laugh at this situation that shows two men forced to live as roommates with one another - one of them being obsessively neat and the other being a total slob.
Don't laugh at the punch line; ask the joker to explain to you what's funny.
Chuck doll provides us with an opportunity to laugh at ourselves.
com monthly service provides consumers with unlimited access to more comedy skits and performances than they could physically stand to laugh at, all accessible via the Internet.
On average, children laugh at least 200 times a day.
Audiences go from laughing at Henrietta to laughing at the people who laugh at Henrietta," says Tod Williams, the movie's writer and director, "so I've been relieved by that.
At camp, I had difficulty understanding that it was all right to take a bite of food, make a comment, laugh at someone's response, and then talk some more.
And all these people who claim to be so damned different, they respond to the same thing; they laugh at the same jokes, cry at the same instants, and show how totally entrapped by our humanity we all are.
During his keynote address, Elliott Masie said, "We salute Peter Yarrow and the 'Don't Laugh At Me' project, and are thrilled that we were able to make Operation Respect the recipient of our charitable funds for 2001.