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"Yes, sir," answered Musqueton; "but permit me to say I see nothing laughable in it.
It is almost laughable now, when I look back on it, the way father was beaten.
I have seen him a score of times, at table, insulting this hunter or that, with cool and level eyes and, withal, a certain air of interest, pondering their actions or replies or petty rages with a curiosity almost laughable to me who stood onlooker and who understood.
With a spring the huge anthropoid leaped from the stage to the boy's side; but if the trainer had looked for a laughable scene of fright he was mistaken.
All the wonder was, how the gentleman, with his lack of worldly wisdom and agonizing consciousness of ridicule, could have been induced to take a measure at once so prudent and so laughable. But while people talked the wedding-day arrived.
" However, Tim also delivered the" However, Tim also delivered the least laughable joke acording to least laughable joke according to punters.
KENNETH Clarke stopped short of apologising last night as speculation over his future continued after he attacked Home Secretary Theresa May's use of "laughable and childlike" examples to criticise the Human Rights Act.
Finally, the thought of President Obama unvailing this iconic mosaic on an exposter site affixed to a disued toilet in Digbeth would be laughable if it had not been made in all seriousness by councillor Mullaney.
The Palace is bad and it is laughable - it makes froth look substantial - but not so bad and so laughable that it's good, or worth watching simply so you can pour scorn on the freaks in the freak show.
It is laughable, and in a sane world it would be criminal.
The council's plans on car parking have seemed both laudable and laughable.
A December 29, 2003 profile by NRO contributing editor Andrew Stuttaford described Hefner as "tatty, tacky, jaded, and, let's admit it, a touch laughable, but an American original nonetheless"--an "ancient satyr" surrounded by adoring starlets and centerfolds.