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13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Thousands of New Yorkers joined The Laughing Cow[sup.
Concerning the development of Laughing Planet's Board of Directors, Spielvogel had much to say.
These maps provided an estimate of all salt marsh intertidal zone habitats available to nesting Laughing Gulls.
Researchers knew that chimps and other apes produce their own brand of laughing when playing or being tickled.
Reading them I find myself laughing out loud which can be embarrassing on a train
Marcus watched the small children running and laughing around the houses, and the mothers caring for them.
There was a forest of sounds, women laughing like birds in trees; the smell of hairspray was thick and overpowering, a swamp.
I'm determined to make sure that my mother dies laughing.
There in 1995 a medical doctor named Madan Kataria was impressed with the benefits of laughing.
And remember, you don't have to be happy to laugh; laughing can make you--and your neighbors--happy.
Their lawyer, Veena Thadani, says it is no laughing matter.
As that poet warned women, "If you have a tooth that is black or too large or growing out of place, laughing will cost you dear.