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Last year, the new towers were deployed starting but due to some challenges experienced they could not conclude them until late last month where all of them are now ready for the official launching.
The first version of the manifest, which so far extends through May of 1992, represents 18 licenses for satellite launchings and two for sounding rockets.
The idea of launching satellites into orbit from the island of Hawaii conjures up bizarre images of high technology amid the palm trees, flaming rockets against azure seas and golden sands.
Even with no other launchings in the way, a Galileo delay would slip it, too, to mid-1991.
(Major shuttle payloads are not usually assigned until about 18 months before launch, the document notes, with berths for secondary payloads typically held until about 12 months to go.) Only ELVs are so far listed for even tentative launchings after 1990, most of them to be carried out by rockets the choice of which is still "TBD.'
Instead, for the first time in more than 13,000 launchings since operations began at Wallops in 1945, the lightning itself took over the job.
NASA conducted only three more launchings in 1986, all will ELVs, and all of them worked.
Even among 44 commercial payloads for whose launchings NASA had already signed contracts before the Challenger disaster, only 19 or 20 have been rescheduled, leaving the rest of the customers with a firm message to look elsewhere, such as at expendable rockets from the United States, Europe, China or other countries.
28 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, the Department of Defense (DOD) had been well along in planning a return to increased use of one-shot, "expendable" rockets for some of its launchings. Besides the limited size of the shuttle fleet, the craft's complexity raised concerns about its reliability among military planners, who cited a need to keep tried-and-true expendables around.
On Launchpad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in florida this week, engineers and technicians were at work on the space shuttle Challenger, preparing for its planned April 29 launching of the Spacelab 3 research module.