law enforcement agency

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A team of the law enforcement agency reached Ahmedpur Sharqia and raided the office of the official at the time when he was allegedly receiving bribe from the complainant.
The outlaws instead to surrender started indiscriminate firing at the law enforcement agencies personnel that was retailed.As a result of encounter, three alleged terrorists including a woman were killed and an official of law enforcement agency was martyred and another wounded.
Decisions concerning firearms hold importance for any law enforcement agency. When departments make choices based on a consideration of their needs and the physical requirements and expertise of their officers, they will select the best weapons for their personnel.
A NIBRS edition of the UCR Handbook was published to assist law enforcement agency data contributors implementing NIBRS within their departments.
Additionally, training at this stage reaffirms that the law enforcement agency administration understands the pressures inherent in police work that may lead to substance use and abuse.
The strength (personnel and other resources)and the aggressiveness of a jurisdiction's law enforcement agency are also key factors.
and in providing more effective police services." (4) While training mandates establish uniform minimal standards of performance, the progressive law enforcement agency recognizes that although training provides the opportunity to acquire and improve job-related skills, it also extends further to career planning and development.

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