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103-117) 95-98) 117-126) Newton's law of Newton's law of Newton's law of Newton's law of gravitation gravitation gravitation gravitation (V.
Another consequence of gravity having an unrecognized short-range component would be that the exponent in Newton's law of gravitation (i.
The continuation of these processes eventually led to the formulation of the Universal Law of Gravitation (Theory construction).
And what we learn of Newtonian ideas in school are the universality of the law of gravitation, that it applies to everything known by its mass (and through Einstein, its energy as well).
In the same way, we could inquire whether the law of gravitation is a fundamental law of nature, or something of a man-made invention.
What a pity there weren't any school children there to watch me demonstrating Isaac Newton's Law of Gravitation.
To begin with, of course, we have to pretend that the market itself is as inevitable as the law of gravitation.
I was flabbergasted to see Newton's equation for the law of gravitation included without explanation.
Newton's law of gravitation provides us with a trivial example, since no reference to time occurs in this law, but a non-trivial example is provided by the wave equation,
Researchers failed in several searches for deviations from Newton's law of gravitation to establish the existence of a previously unknown "fifth" force (141: 14; 142: 215).
4 Speculations about a generalized law of gravitation
Applying Newton's law of gravitation, the scientists then estimate the amount of mass that must be present to account for such rapid motion.