law protecting student from undue work

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Country: United States of America
State: Oregon
I am a high school student taking an OPTIONAL theater lab. the class got to choose 1 OR 2 plays they would like to do. I only wanted to do 1 play. (I do not do well in front of audiences and was trying to get over my fear by taking this class) but the teacher said I had to do 2. many other kids in the class were only doing 1 play, and I spoke to him about it. he REFUSED to listen and I started to cry. a girl in my class to me to get my big girl pants on and get to work.Is there a law against forcing a student to do unnecessary work?


Why two for you and one for some of the others--are they smaller plays if two are involved or what? You could complain to the head of the school if the work is not assigned evenly...
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