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References in classic literature ?
Of what use to make heroic vows of amendment, if the same old law-breaker is to keep them?
Who could have prophesied in what way any of these inspired law-breakers would break the law, what new type of perfect imperfection they would create?
I tried to imagine what would happen when the master should discover that it was I who had been fighting him; and what would happen if they jailed us together in the general apartment for brawlers and petty law-breakers, as was the custom; and what might --
He rumbles that she's in cahoots with fellow law-breaker Ross, and warns Charity she'll be heading straight back to the clink if she doesn't clean up her act.
PERSISTENT law-breaker William Price was jailed for five months yesterday after being caught driving while banned for the 23rd time.
This operation is relentless and woe betide any law-breaker who gets in the way of my keeping my promises that we will deliver better performance across a range of areas.
Now that those policies have been adopted, any criticism of them -no matter how polite and respectful -meets with a person being labelled an extremist and a law-breaker.
If officers have to chase someone and they fail to stop after being ordered to do so then everything that happens as a result is entirely the fault of the law-breaker.
RAWALPINDI -- Police in its crackdown against anti-social elements have arrested 15 law-breakers including six gamblers besides recovering 230 grams charas, 30 liter liquor and three pistols 30 bore with eight rounds from their possession.
When the President of the United States rightly excoriated law-breakers and thugs on all sides of a street conflagration, he came in for a torrent of media abuse, forcing even level-headed bystanders to take cover.
RAWALPINDI -- Police have arrested 13 law-breakers besides recovering 235 grams charras, 20 liter liquor, five pistols 30 bore with 14 rounds, a stolen vehicle and two stolen goats from their possession.
They can also be more discreet, why warn law-breakers that they could be caught?