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References in classic literature ?
Of what use to make heroic vows of amendment, if the same old law-breaker is to keep them?
I tried to imagine what would happen when the master should discover that it was I who had been fighting him; and what would happen if they jailed us together in the general apartment for brawlers and petty law-breakers, as was the custom; and what might --
Who could have prophesied in what way any of these inspired law-breakers would break the law, what new type of perfect imperfection they would create?
Fitzmaurice told reporters at the court: "I am not a law-breaker.
This operation is relentless and woe betide any law-breaker who gets in the way of my keeping my promises that we will deliver better performance across a range of areas.
PERSISTENT law-breaker William Price was jailed for five months yesterday after being caught driving while banned for the 23rd time.
Now that those policies have been adopted, any criticism of them -no matter how polite and respectful -meets with a person being labelled an extremist and a law-breaker.
If officers have to chase someone and they fail to stop after being ordered to do so then everything that happens as a result is entirely the fault of the law-breaker.
Kenny fired law-breaker Deasy, telling him: "No man is above the law.
Yet the present holder of that post, Michael Howard, is a notorious law-breaker.
In short, respect for human rights is being used to protect law-breakers.
Full-fledged chaos is clearly apparent at night, when law-breakers flex their muscles by explicitly bending all the written laws.