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Then again, this is the only way the law-breaking would be stopped and equality before the law applied -- after all, as he noted, speeding cars of deputies pose a threat to other road users.
But has anyone else noticed another growing trend - the law-breaking cyclists who drag their dogs along for a run (not walk)?
And in this case, certain individuals won't feel pain in their pocket from their law-breaking actions.
Mobile courts that are empowered to hand out on-the-spot jail terms to any law-breaking protesters were deployed at key locations in the city, Dhaka police spokesman Masud Ahmed said.
Claims of inmate mistreatment and law-breaking were aimed at bosses at HMP Castington in Northumberland at an employment tribunal earlier this year.
LAW-breaking motorists were slapped with fixed penalty notices and had their cars seized in a police crackdown.
They wouldn't tolerate law-breaking by somebody else, but do it themselves without thinking" Julie Spence, Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire "A certain character trait I have noticed: a lot of comedians seem to have a distinctive attitude towards money.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stressed on Sunday that the law-breaking approaches adopted by certain individuals resulted in an insult to the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini by the enemies.
The criminal complaints in both courts address President Obama's principal role in this criminal conspiracy within the government and the courts of the United States, intent on preventing, hindering, and delaying, the execution of the laws upon law-breaking government officers.
BRITAIN wants more information from Turkey over the Duchess of York's alleged law-breaking - before it considers extraditing her.
If the drivers who invariably cause these deaths - speeders, drunk drivers, mobile menaces and the like - were fined more, and the more wealthy law-breaking drivers were fined according to their income, then wouldn't that offset the cost for the honest taxpayer of providing mosquito nets for Africa?
We need to get tough with all law-breaking racists.