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This will ensure the coordination of national legislation with advanced foreign law-making experience, generally recognized international legislative standards.
Participants additionally had the opportunity to meet some parliamentary deputies who shared their past experience of liaising with civil society and offered recommendations on how to effectively and constructively participate in the law-making process.
Legal efficiency is not an objective property of the outcome independent of the process; rather, it is a function of the ability of the law-making process to embody, in a cost-effective manner, the general consensus of all the people concerned.
4) Some contributors in this section are quite sanguine about the capacity of states (in the contribution by Eyal Benvenisti) and a range of other law-making entities (in the contribution by Joost Pauwelyn, Ramses A.
In March this year, Carwyn Jones said legal jurisdiction for Wales needed to be created in the wake of the Assembly's new law-making powers.
It will result inWales having similar law-making arrangements as Scotland and Northern Ireland.
A poll has shown that the question "Do you believe the Welsh Assembly should have the same law-making powers as the Scottish Parliament" would be a vote-winner, with 63% of people saying they would vote "yes" to such a proposal.
Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, argued earlier this week that negotiations behind closed doors were sometimes essential for effective law-making.
L'article de Kristen Boon, publie dans le numero 2 de ce meme volume, a pour titre <<Legislative Reform in Post-conflict Zones: Jus Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant's Law-Making Powers>>, et non <<Legislative Reform in Post-conflict Zones: Just Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant's Law-Making Powers>> comme l'indique la couverture.
DeYoung is correct in observing that good Americans should run for federal office and participate in the law-making process.
The new captain of the nationalist ship is demanding the same law-making powers as Scotland - "nothing more, nothing less".
3) How are law-making procedures ruled, and how is the law enforcement mechanism operating?