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She stated that the Cambodian law-making bodies want to continue across-the-board ties with the Vietnamese side for enhanced bilateral friendship and multi-dimensional cooperation.
With its newly enhanced law-making powers, the Assembly should be more relevant to people's lives than ever before, yet few of our deliberations manage to break out of the Cardiff Bay bubble.
yyimaya suggested that the law-making process should be carefully designed to be efficient and productive so that negative repercussions from newly adopted laws are minimized.
A spokesman for the Welsh Government last night said: "As Prof Parry implies, the successful referendum on law-making powers for the National Assembly brings into sharper focus the questions as to whether, in due time, a separate legal jurisdiction for Wales should be established, and what the precise mechanisms for achieving this could be.
The order, which follows on from the "yes" vote in the referendum earlier this month, will mean the Senedd can use its new law-making powers to consider Welsh Bills in its 20 devolved areas without permission from Westminster.
It will result inWales having similar law-making arrangements as Scotland and Northern Ireland.
A poll has shown that the question "Do you believe the Welsh Assembly should have the same law-making powers as the Scottish Parliament" would be a vote-winner, with 63% of people saying they would vote "yes" to such a proposal.
Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, argued earlier this week that negotiations behind closed doors were sometimes essential for effective law-making.
L'article de Kristen Boon, publie dans le numero 2 de ce meme volume, a pour titre <<Legislative Reform in Post-conflict Zones: Jus Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant's Law-Making Powers>>, et non <<Legislative Reform in Post-conflict Zones: Just Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant's Law-Making Powers>> comme l'indique la couverture.
Would this require that conservative people no longer run for office or that pro-Constitution lobbyists remove themselves from participating in the law-making process?
Editorial will focus, from an interdisciplinary perspective, on the role of non-state actors in society, their position in the international legal system, their role in international law-making, their contribution to legal developments, and procedural aspects of their participation before national and international courts.
The new captain of the nationalist ship is demanding the same law-making powers as Scotland - "nothing more, nothing less".