law-making body

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The speaker of the New Zealand assembly believes that bringing children into the apex law-making body of the island-nation helps 'add to the positive atmosphere of the workplace'.
As the highest oversight and law-making body of our country, Parliament will continue to use its powers enshrined in the Constitution to abolish practices and acts that discriminate against women, devalue their humanity and harm them.
As the highest oversight and law-making body, Parliament committed to continue to use its powers enshrined in the Constitution to champion to course and rights of women.
The Lords is the largest unelected law-making body outside of China, and the Prime Minister is being selected from a similarly sized gene pool to the one that selects the leader of North Korea.
Andrew Nutt Bargoed Weaknesses of referenda revealed I BELIEVE that it is worrying that the debates in Parliament that have followed the Brexit vote are seen by some people as being a discredit to that institution as a law-making body.
If parliament wishes to maintain its credibility as a law-making body, it needs to send its own messages," Sizopoulos added, perhaps telegraphing his party's stance at the upcoming vote.
The law-making body also acknowledged that the introduction of video assistant referees had been a big success.
Abo, an incumbent councilor, ranks first in the Parang municipal council having garnered most number of votes from among all aspirants for a seat in the law-making body during the 2016 local elections.
The proposal, which will go before the game's international law-making body Ifab before a final decision is delivered in March - are aimed at clamping down on time-wasting.
He further observed that Parliament was representative of the people and law-making body.
The game's law-making body the International Football Association Board (IFAB) decided to pilot VAR in 2016 and tomorrow is expected to say those experiments have been a success and formally approve its use at a vote in Zurich.
Members of Parliament have called for increase of Parliament budget to enable the law-making body to discharge its mandate effectively.