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"The Morrison Government makes no apologies for upholding the rule of law and cracking down on lawbreakers particularly those who refuse to address longstanding and repeated lawbreaking behaviour.
Unfortunately for the reader, they were more successful with their Hooters visits than their intended lawbreaking.
Therefore in an attempt to live ethically, I admit to you that I am a lawbreaking evildoer.
What can you expect when driving offences are regarded by most people as scarcely lawbreaking at all?
The bill would have created a state database of controlled drug prescriptions, complete with the name and address of the buyer, to make it easier for police to detect patterns of lawbreaking. When the bill failed to pass in the legislature's normal session, the governor had it added to the agenda for a special session in May, during which the Senate passed it but the House failed to vote on it.
It also would have given the sponsoring teacher the ability to stop publication of any material considered obscene, harmful to minors, libelous or likely to incite violence, lawbreaking or disruption of the normal function of the school.
In 1995, a national group representing crime victims warned the government in Ontario that its policies of slashing welfare benefits, job training, and early-childhood education programs will eventually lead to a major increase in violence and lawbreaking. The group said Ontario's deep cuts to programs to help the poor and children "run counter to all known research on social-development approaches to crime prevention and will have a profoundly negative effect on the next generation."
Within the broadness of the meaning of nonviolence, the Lynds identify several overlapping but distinct elements: 1) refusal to retaliate (pacifism, nonresistance); 2) acting out of conviction by demonstrative action (direct action); 3) deliberate lawbreaking for conscience's sake (civil disobedience)....
Their intention, though, is to send a strong, clear message to staff that ours is a cohesive, conservative organization that has minimal tolerance for lawbreaking. We have a commitment to protect our residents in a secure environment.
(56) The "cool cat" described here is Gus, a lawbreaking associate of Hank's and Jodie's.
In particular the P5+1 group of countries, as major parties to the deal, should have remained committed to their obligations, but it was the delinquent and lawbreaking US which unilaterally and illegally withdrew from the accord without any reason and evidence, and insisted on refusing to implement its international commitments, Qassemi said.
A BURGLAR who had second thoughts while trying to break into a house because he had made a promise to end his life of lawbreaking has kept his freedom.