lawful claim

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Cioppa said, We will continue to encourage all companies to do the right thing by cooperating with the bureau, joining this effort, and assisting Maine consumers who have a lawful claim.
In a press conference in Quezon City, Mario Rosario Camma of Nagtipunan in Quirino aired their grievance as they were apparently given the run-around in their quest to for the lawful claim of a certain percentage in the operation of the hydro-electric plant.
Eugene Egan, prosecuting, said this was a lawful claim at the outset but one which became fraudulent when his investments matured.
Gary Walker made a lawful claim for incapacity payments after being injured at work in 1998.
Black's Law Dictionary defines subrogation as "the substitution of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim, demand or right.
Unless this is income upon which the child has a lawful claim, or unless the parent who lives in that new situation asks for a reduction in an award on account of a need for parental subsistence, the new situation is irrelevant to any calculation of income.
Heavily influenced by Wayne Hage's book, Storm Over Rangelands, proponents argue that public-land ranchers have a lawful claim to some of the property rights that make up the federal West.
Hymers, of Collingwood Gardens, Felling, Gateshead, made a lawful claim for income support as long ago as 1990.
They have got to back to their country and if they want to make a lawful claim for immigration, they have got to do that back in the country from where they came.
Shelly Vitty launched a lawful claim for income support in 2002 but later failed to tell the DWP she was living with her partner.
To have and to hold to them the said Inhabitants and their Heirs, for the sole use and benefit of the Church forever, and that 1 the said James Moody, for myself, my Heirs, Executors and administrators covenant and agree with the said Inhabitants and their Heirs that 1 have good and lawful right to dispose of them in manner aforesaid, and that it is free from ail encumbrances, except His Majestys Quit Rent, andl will warrant and defend the same to them the said Inhabitants and their Heirs forever against the Lawful Claims of any person.