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THE Council has made the following decisions: Conditional permission: J Allen, certificate of lawfulness for proposed |building of single storey rear extension, Squirrel Cottage, Spa Bottom, Fenay Bridge.
G Fisher, certificate of lawfulness for existing |use of part of store as house, opp Windy Ridge Farm, Denby Lane, Upper Denby.
However, it decided that there was a violation with regards to Tsiakourmas` right to a thorough investigation of his claim for ill-treatment and that he had not been adequately informed as to why he could not be released, and for not being able to challenge the lawfulness of his detention.
In this case, a Judicial Review allows people with a sufficient interest in the Council's decisions (Ealing's Council Tax payers) to ask a judge to review the lawfulness of this disposal on several grounds including conflicts of interests, failing to get permission from the Secretary of State for disposal of the land and inappropriate development of protected MOL.
It is important to add, moreover, that the idea is further qualified by the fact that the speaker is a sovereign and absolute monarch, so that when he says let it be, his wish or exhortation, concerning a quality of lawfulness, has itself, potentially, the force of law.
Edwin Poots' 30-page document The limited circumstances for lawful termination in Northern Ireland proposes that two doctors rather than one should make an assessment over whether an abortion should be carried out and describes the lawfulness of advocating terminations outside NI as a 'grey area'.
Photographer Douglas, 59, applied for a certificate of lawfulness to allow him to carry on but was rejected by the council this week.
The wait endured by Samuel Betteridge breached the Human Rights Convention, which stipulates that the lawfulness of detention must be decided "speedily" by a court, ruled the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
The defendants will challenge the lawfulness off fracking - a controversial gas extraction method - arguing they acted out of necessity.
The following paragraph in the editorial eloquently states the case: "Unified by the common language of mathematics and the unwavering lawfulness of natural phenomena, scientific findings transcend the cultural divides that typically permeate politics, religion, social mores and national customs.
In a letter to Camelot regulator the National Lottery Commission and gambling minister John Penrose, THL CEO Martin Hall claimed Camelot had sent letters to retailers questioning the lawfulness of THL- echoing its complaint to the Gambling Commission last month.
Kirin reiterated its position that it sees no problem with its acquisition as it has proceeded with the move based on prior consultations with local lawyers regarding the lawfulness and validity of the transaction.