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relative influence of lawfulness and procedural justice in policing upon
It is important to add, moreover, that the idea is further qualified by the fact that the speaker is a sovereign and absolute monarch, so that when he says let it be, his wish or exhortation, concerning a quality of lawfulness, has itself, potentially, the force of law.
First, rightful policing does not depend on the actual lawfulness of police conduct.
However, regarding the lawfulness of that decision, European judges must content themselves with verifying that there is no manifest error.
Last week, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt asked the Gambling Commission to investigate whether THL was diverting money away from smaller society lotteries and good causes as alleged by Camelot, which said it had "no option but to write to the Gambling Commission detailing the concerns we have about the lawfulness of THL,"
Nobody expects this Government to turn into a regulator of the market lawfulness but we should not accept the "we'll wait and see" tactics.
The investigation into the lawfulness of the clearance was held by an ad-hoc commission formed of the specialists of the State Customs Service.
An expert witness on the lawfulness of war in Afghanistan could be called to give evidence at the court-martial of a soldier who refused to fight.
Owners of the land in Breach Oak Lane want to use it for the storage of new and used building materials - but North Warwickshire Borough Council has rejected an application for a certificate of lawfulness.
Another brother has chosen burglary as a profession, yet shares the family myth of lawfulness.
On Friday, A&P Tyne Ltd will ask South Tyneside councillors to grant a certificate of lawfulness for the recycling of ships and other marine structures at its sites in Hebburn.
Looking at the fundamental concerns of Aristotle through a modern lens, he discusses such topics as existence, complexity, lawfulness, pragmatic idealism and metaphysical realism, possibility, and explicability and sufficient reason.