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On this point, the authors go so far as to claim openly that America's lawgivers made improvements on "the ancient mode of preparing and establishing regular plans of government.
Not to make them is to sin in disobedience to the mind and intention of the lawgivers.
Moreover, the very status of the lawgivers as "founders" of
The implications of this are important for giving Jesus authority through the Hebrew prophets and lawgivers, helping to establish the claim that he was the Messiah.
Mine are counsel and advice Mine is strength; I am understanding By me kings reign And lawgivers establish justice .
Written by John David Lewis (Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University) Early Greek Lawgivers is a scholarly study of the men who brought and administrated law in early Greek city states.
Lemelle concluded that an Orthodox icon of Jesus on a wall in the Slidell City Court could remain because city officials had surrounded it with pictures of 15 lawgivers from history and a copy of the Constitution.
If one looks up upon entering the building, to be seen overhead in life-size marble statues, are the famed lawgivers of the world.
On the United States Supreme Court's building where a frieze in the east portico depicts Moses, among other historical lawgivers, holding up two tablets, the tablets are blank.
At the Supreme Court building, for example, Moses and the Ten Commandments appear along with several other lawgivers of history, including Hammurabi, Muhammad, Napoleon, and John Marshall.
If the lawgivers are deaf to these women's needs the issue is likely to be judged by the International Court in Strasbourg.