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Frank tells The Advocate that he knows many high-profile lawmakers who privately support same-sex marriage but don't feel they can say it publicly.
One reason such earmarks flourish is that they help create support for passing larger, sometimes controversial appropriations bills: It's hard for any lawmaker to vote against a bill that has earmarks that would help his of her district.
This idea is hidden in there: Between now and the next legislative session, Texas lawmakers will tinker with an obscure formula that links their own state pensions to the salaries of state judges.
Islamabad -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly witnessed one of its shortest sittings on Monday when it met for six minutes in the presence of nineteen lawmakers.
Patna: In a major setback for Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar ahead of the upcoming state polls, four rebel lawmakers from his ruling Janata Dal United (JD-U) on Wednesday joined the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
The slogans came as the deputy speaker snubbed MQM lawmaker Mohammad Hussain, using the term 'dimagh ki dahi' (yogurt of the brain) while addressing him during Tuesday's session of the house.
Suspending voting rights is a clear warning to (President Vladimir) Putin and his regime," said Michael strup Jensen, a Danish lawmaker.
If a lawmaker failed to attend Wolesi Jirga and its commission-level meetings in a month, he/ she is deprived of monthly salary and his name is made public through media outlets at the end of the month.
Dmitry Gudkov was unavailable for comment on Monday, but his close ally, A Just Russia lawmaker Ilya Ponomaryov, said the opposition expected the investigators to either pursue the "mirror cases" against United Russia lawmakers or leave Gudkov Sr.
Raising hands enables the head of blocs to monitor lawmakers and, if needed, compel them to vote according to the bloc's will, not theirs", said a Shiite lawmaker who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.
A GNP lawmaker was taken to hospital after being hit on the head with a gavel during the scuffle, according to another GNP lawmaker who witnessed the scuffle.
Nashat al-Kassas, a lawmaker from the ruling NDP, told a parliament meeting last month that if he had the power, he would have "questioned the interior minister for being too lenient in dealing with those outlaws.