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LEGISLATOR. One who makes laws.
     2. In order to make good laws, it is necessary to understand those which are in force; the legislator ought therefore, to be thoroughly imbued with a knowledge of the laws of his country, their advantages and defects; to legislate without this previous knowledge is to attempt to make a beautiful piece of machinery with one's eye shut. There is unfortunately too strong a propensity to multiply our laws and to change them. Laws must be yearly made, for the legislatures meet yearly but whether they are always for the better may be well questioned. A mutable legislation is always attended with evil. It renders the law uncertain, weakens its effects, hurts credit, lessens the value of property, and as they are made frequently, in consequence of some extraordinary case, laws sometimes operate very unequally. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 227 and Le Magazin Universel, tome ii. p. 227, for a good article against excessive legislation; Matter, De l'Influence des Lois sur les Moeurs, et de l'Influence des Moeurs sur les Lois.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Five lawmakers - two from MMAP and one each from PPPP, PTI and ANP - participated in the discussion on the former resolution for an hour and 40 minutes.
The JI leaders said that they had lodged complaint against the lawmaker to the district election commissioner and district returning officer along with photos and footages of the MNA's speeches promising the people development schemes if they supported his party's candidate in the July 20 elections.
The lawmaker hoped that the issue that now rests with the speaker will be decided on merit after listening to recording of words used by him.
However, this strange silence of the opposition raised questions amongst the lawmakers who believed the treasury was provided with an open field for a smooth transaction or a deal was stuck between the two.
Willie indicates that if a lawmaker does not have project in his or her district, the people represented will never feel the lawmaker's impact.
As many as 71 lawmakers (42%) were present at commencement and 86 lawmakers (51%) at adjournment of the sitting.
Soon after recitation from the holy Quran, Provincial Law Minister Mohammad Basharat Raja took the floor and requested the Chair to adjourn the sitting in honour of the deceased PTI lawmaker Mazhar Abbas Raan.
Patna: Angry villagers forced a ruling party lawmaker to get down from his swanky car and wade through the muddy, potholed road flooded with drain water after he failed to repair it.
The Minister for Livestock and Fisheries responded to three out of six Starred Questions while remaining three questions were not taken up.The lawmakers asked 21 supplementary questions as well.A PPPP lawmaker withdrew her Adjournment Motion (AM) regarding the distribution of resources among provinces as the subject had already been discussed in the House during the previous sitting of the session.
In the National Assembly, a woman lawmaker attended on average 50 (67%) sittings whereas a male lawmaker attended on average 42 (56%) sittings.
The regulations were made to regulate and manage the operations of the House.According to the new regulations, lawmakers arrested on criminal charges will not be suspended.