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Loath to relinquish their rock star lifestyles, most lawmakers want merely to disclose the financial link between lobbyists and lawmakers, rather than end it.
While Kirwan advocated stretching existing dollars to make higher education more efficient, he recognized that efficiency could not compensate for dwindling support among lawmakers.
Then there are lawmakers who go even further--not only proposing to deny government services to illegal immigrants, but requiring that civil servants snitch on any they encounter, reporting them to federal immigration authorities.
Lawmakers, reluctant to be seen as short-changing the troops, will likely continue to enact Bush's supplemental requests, possibly bringing the cost of fighting the war to nearly $500 billion by the end of next year.
TSA should develop contingency plan if fees don't pass, lawmaker says.
We can work with lawmakers to draft quality, effective tax legislation.
Thus otherwise gay-friendly lawmakers have tried to find a safe, if awkward, position: bashing Bush's amendment while family opposing equal marriage rights for gays.
Flush with cash, state lawmakers create new programs to satisfy various "unmet needs": class size reduction, infrastructure construction, health care, and the like.
Like most people, state lawmakers have just assumed that the federal government takes care of our sick and disabled veterans," said state Representative Dottie J.
The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is continuing to bear down on Congress, with AHCA's CEO and president, Charles Roadman II, MD, reminding lawmakers once again that funding problems hamper patients' ability to access quality care.
At the same time, lawmakers conceded that by the time the issue was discussed in the Dail many county councils, trade unions, and other interested parties (including Department of Health inspectors of boarded-out children) had been agitating for adoption legislation for nearly a decade.