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Legislative retirement benefits are based on the salaries of state judges, and when lawmakers give judges a raise, their own retirement packages get a little sweeter.
Vehicles such as Bentley, Porsche and Lexus and sprawling real estate in Russia and abroad, including in Germany, were cited in the report, which was based on lawmakers' tax income declarations and information from the publicly available database of Russian companies run by the Federal Tax Service.
Yoshitaka Shindo and two other lawmakers of the major opposition Liberal Democratic Party were denied entry Monday after arriving at Seoul's Gimpo International Airport.
The suspended lawmakers cannot take part in the meetings of Constituent Assembly, parliament and house committees for seven days.
Dozens of opposition lawmakers and their aides fought with members of the ruling Grand National Party (GNP) when they prevented them from joining a plenary session of the committee on land and maritime affairs.
District Court by, argued the 109 lawmakers who voted to recess a joint constitutional convention violated the supporters' rights to free speech, to petition the government and due process under the law.
Lawmakers have no legal requirement to make factually rational decisions.
The rising cost of a college education is another factor that makes the public and lawmakers hesitant about investing more in higher education opportunity.
These same lobbyists then seek favors from the lawmakers they have helped, which is why we see legislation--such as the Medicare prescription drug bill or last year's energy bill--that overwhelmingly benefits corporate interests rather than senior citizens or drivers who are gouged at the pumps.
Idaho lawmakers have proposed banning them from all county health services, unless the county agrees to deport patients once they are well, and pay the deportation bill.
Much of the outcry from liberal lawmakers has centered on the proposed 28 percent cut in education, but this cut merely reflects a scaling back of the staggering 59 percent increase Bush added to education spending during the past four years.
Some lawmakers have criticized the arrangement, saying steps must be taken to make sure terrorists could not get weapons into U.S.