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you know how long and tedious the lawmaking process is, it would be a waste if it would be interrupted.
The draft Roadmap thus constitutes a home-grown plan for action to address weaknesses identified in the Armenian lawmaking system during discussions at our 2015 workshops.
This Article argues that the existence of a lawmaking partnership offers the Court the freedom to engage in explicit policy analysis of a type that is inconsistent with a traditional textualist approach.
we make a distinction between the efficiency of the products of the lawmaking process and the efficiency of the legal process itself in providing a certain, complete and predictable set of rules at the lowest cost for society [.
This initial review is the first step towards a comprehensive assessment of Armenia's lawmaking system," said Ambassador
He likewise emphasized that lawmaking "is a shared privilege and duty of legislators and citizens.
At press dine, the bill is in the early stages of the lawmaking process--it doesn't have any cosponsors yet, and it's still several steps from getting to the floor.
Those who are directly involved in lawmaking bodies have a grave and clear obligation to oppose any law that attacks human life.
The political debate has centered on two theoretical points of view: (1) Liberals suggest prohibition of most religious influences on lawmaking to protect the free exercise of religion for all citizens; and (2) communitarians argue that religion is inextricable from the religious lawmakers' moral identity and from the community's moral identity as a whole.
Now, the captive nations of Europe find themselves trapped in a bona fide emerging superstate, empowered by a single European currency and backed by an increasingly oppressive pan-European government complete with courts and lawmaking authority.
He added: "I want to see a debate in the Labour Party with a view to having a manifesto commitment at the next general election in 2005 to give the Assembly primary lawmaking powers.