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Still, our domestic lawmaking industry insisted that it only looked out for the interest of Filipinos, no matter the level of their IQs, which was the main reason why many of the lawmakers won in the elections in the first place.
The justification for studying lawmaking, so conceived, is threefold:
The Center for Effective Lawmaking took particular note of his ability to use his committee chair position to move forward a robust legislative agenda, said Craig Volden, co-director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking.
The CJP asked as to what steps could be taken for halting illegal transplant of organs and said that they would sit on this issue for the next day also in order to issue directives for effective lawmaking in this regard.
"You should form a team and the court would completely assist you," remarked the CJP and later also formed a four-member committee to finalize recommendations for halting illegal organ trade and effective lawmaking in this regard.
alam mo naman kung gaano kahaba at tedious ang lawmaking, nanghihinayang ako kung saka-sakali mapuputol.
Responding to the great expansion and diversification of international lawmaking during the past decades, scholars of international law explain--at conceptual and empirical levels--the instruments, processes and participants involved in creating international normativity today.
Halliburton II offered a compelling illustration of the lawmaking partnership, as Congress and the Court together used the Basic decision as a building block to enable and then refine private securities fraud class actions.
Therefore, if the lawmaking process is not incorporated into the efficiency calculation, the marginal efficiency analysis of the outcome remains incomplete and, perhaps, misguided (Veljanovski 1980; Komesar, 1994; Parisi 2001, 2004; Parisi & Fon 2009.
and Human Rights (ODIHR) and presented in Yerevan on 18 November 2013 recommends measures to further streamline lawmaking
Manila: A measure has been put forward in the Senate that will allow people to directly take part in the lawmaking process.