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He replied that he had to see the lawyer on some business.
After a little rambling talk, the lawyer led up to the subject which so disagreeably preoccupied his mind.
Here my master interposing, said, "it was a pity, that creatures endowed with such prodigious abilities of mind, as these lawyers, by the description I gave of them, must certainly be, were not rather encouraged to be instructors of others in wisdom and knowledge.
It CAN speak, but it WON'T," explained one of Dolbear's lawyers.
I will stay with pleasure if you desire it," the lawyer answered.
Sir Joseph on one side, and the lawyer on the other, were both appealing to him, and both regarding him with looks of amazement.
In these words the lawyer opened the business of the evening, referring to Mrs.
Anyway," says the lawyer, "we shall do better to bide where we are, and let the soldiers rally us.
The lawyer roused his flagging resolution, and spoke to the purpose when he spoke next.
Governors Both,' returned the man, in what he meant to be a wheedling tone, 'which on you might be Lawyer Lightwood?
When they entered his office the lawyer sprang up, for Jurgis looked like a crazy person, with flying hair and bloodshot eyes.
Look here," said Old Sharon; "I give you an opinion for your guinea; but, mind this, it's an opinion founded on hearsay--and you know as a lawyer what that is worth.