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The researchers used the Vaginal Laxity Questionnaire (VSQ), which grades vaginal tone on a 7-point scale that ranges from very loose (0) to very tight (7), and the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) to collect patient-reported outcomes at 1, 2, and 6 months.
According to Viveve Medical, results of the recent Viveve I multicenter, blinded, randomized, sham controlled study showed no serious adverse effects plus improvement in arousal and/or orgasm self-reported by 9 of 10 women who noted vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction following vaginal childbirth.
We used Lachman test and anterior drawer test for knee laxity rate.
Reverse Lachman and reverse pivot shift tests also demonstrated posterolateral laxity compared to the contralateral limb.
A study by Posthuma and associates supported this theory, attributing the increased rate of injury to increased ligamentous laxity and decreased motor skills.
The Director General has also been directed to take immediate steps on this issue through Civil Surgeons in all districts and any kind of laxity would not be tolerated," Anil Vij said.
10], the results of these tests are directly influenced by the experience of the clinician and are limited to the diagnosis of anteroposterior translation, which is not representative for the rotational knee laxity.
8220;The main questions facing plastic surgeons today that highly affect the patient are; what parts of the body can be dealt in single sessions, how to minimize and reduce the number of scars, how to deal with both vertical and circumferential laxity.
Turkey's worst mining disaster has set off a raft of protests against what is perceived as official laxity and corruption.
In addition to the many anatomical and neuromuscular dissimilarities existing between genders, hormonal changes are often noted as the mechanism affecting ligament laxity, muscle strength, and biomechanical factors leading to a predisposition of ligament tears in female athletes (Constantini et al.
We need to know if the tragic accident that killed 19 passengers and injured two is caused by laxity in abiding by the safety standards or the inefficiency of the pilots or crews operating these flights or by any other factors.
NCW chairperson Mamta Sharma said, "It shows police laxity.