lay bare

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My liege, as clear as the vision of an eagle does my prophetic eye penetrate and lay bare the future of this world for nearly thirteen centuries and a half!"
It was too late to make the atonement of confession -- too late to lay bare to the miserable husband the deeper secrets that had once lurked in the heart of the miserable wife.
Speaker Ghani has formed a 20-member parliamentary committee under K-P Information Minister Shaukat Yousafzai to lay bare the facts about accusations of billions of rupees embezzled in the afforestation drive, an official notification said.
Globe myBusiness helps the waxing salon navigate the digital world, first by powering Lay Bares pop-up booths that unveiled the new features of the store during its recent National Sales Conference with the theme Next Generation Lay Bare.
The face of a Calgary man who drove a bomb-laden car into an Iraqi military base outside Baghdad last November, killing 46 people, appears amid a treasure trove of documents and videos that lay bare the bureaucratic underbelly of ISIS.
Four women lay bare their childbirth experiences and tell us what they wish they had known beforehand, and we investigate the trend of doctors prescribing placebos to unknowing patients.