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TO LIE. That which is proper, is fit; as, an action on the case lies for an injury committed without force; corporeal hereditaments lie in livery, that is, they pass by livery; incorporeal hereditaments lie in grant, that is, pass by the force of the grant, and without any livery. Vide Lying in grant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Officers also spent the day talking to pupils and staff to unravel what lay behind the attack
A catalogue of blunders and management failures lay behind events which led to mixed-race twins being born to a white couple, an official report said yesterday.
Safley illuminates Miller's bourgeois ethos of work, friendship, social and religious propriety, which are all the more interesting as Safl ey makes clear the emotional tensions, religious crises, social and family struggles that lay behind Miller's carefully constructed facade.
This is a study about the 'construction of models of nationalist ideology in the cultural sphere.' In particular the author is concerned with the historical fiction that lay behind India's struggle for 'freedom.' After a long introduction there are discussions of the 'nativization' of English, the 'ideology of Gandhi: a mass fantasy,' peasant uprisings and 'fictionary strategies,' involvement and resistance of women, the future of a vision and 'fixity and resistance.' The discussion about Gandhi, whom Churchill once described as the 'half naked fakir', is particularly interesting to those who have wearied of his canonisation.
This marked an occasion where liberals broke away from politics-as-usual in Texas, as white students began to ask searching questions about the values that lay behind American society, the priorities they wished to embrace, and the people they wished to become.
A subsequent search of Miller's home in Crouch End, north London, yielded a 'diary of harassment' which showed the mental suffering that lay behind a litany of unfounded allegations he had levelled against the teenager.