lay claim to

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In short, they are over-apt to cosset themselves, and to lay claim to great importance.
Ronaldo can now lay claim to the honour after the match with France.
The five-day MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show, which ended on Friday at the Expo Centre, Sharjah, can successfully lay claim to being the only jewellery fair of its kind that is held twice a year.
By the same logic Sindh will lay claim to 90% of Bhasha water.
Joe Brown with his ukulele FEW can lay claim to Joe Brown's musical background.
Summary: Kuala Lumpur: Supporters of an armed bid by Filipino intruders to lay claim to a .
I will lay claim to being one of the first to refuse such a piece, which I did when offered one in my change.
In the Neolithic settlement of Choirkoitia, Cyprus can lay claim to having one of the most important sites of its kind in Europe.
We persevered and exposed this travesty of justice but the episode raises important questions about a government that likes to lay claim to transparency.
The government could lay claim to a lucrative shipwreck industry, with an amendment to the Abandoned Wreck Act that sources claim could erase the nation's sovereign debt and stop millions of dollars from leaving yearly in illegal salvages, reports The Nassau Guardian (March 30, 2011).
My feeling is that Streets Of War can follow suit and sentence Lay Claim to further minor honours.
Having already met with Sturgeon Falls officials who have accomplished a similar task, Desmeules is moving forward to try and lay claim to the hydroelectric facility, which she says no longer belongs to Tembec after they idled their mill.