lay hands upon

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Never a word they spoke as they pulled ashore, being stunned with the horror of that screaming; but they had scarce set foot upon the beach when Hoseason woke up, as if out of a muse, and bade them lay hands upon Alan.
Then others saw me, and there was a concerted rush to lay hands upon me, for these were all members of the palace guard--men familiar with my face.
Then he clad himself in a friar's gown, and underneath the robe he hung a good broadsword in such a place that he could easily lay hands upon it.
Then they overpowered her and in another moment she was surrounded by fully a hundred of the creatures, all seeking to lay hands upon her.
com, a leading online shopping retailer brings forth this golden chance to lay hands upon branded mobiles, computers and accessories at ensured good prices.
A petulant Diaby shoved Barton to the floor and then proceded to lay hands upon Kevin Nolan.
05 Carlisle Lloyd Motor Group Carlisle Bell 1m Live on RUK Card page 64 Key stat Tim Easterby (Charlie Tipple) has a 56 per cent strike-rate (5-9) with older handicappers here this season THERE are few sporting endeavours which allow a man to lay hands upon a prize dating back to 1599, but Alan Swinbank will today hope to do just that for the third time when his Mountain Cat springs from the gate in the Lloyd Motor Group Carlisle Bell.