lay hold of

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A Fox, envying him the honor, discovered a piece of meat lying in a trap, and leading the Monkey to the place where it was, said that she had found a store, but had not used it, she had kept it for him as treasure trove of his kingdom, and counseled him to lay hold of it.
The walls of this strange room gave the patient nothing to lay hold of, because, apart from the solid decorative object, they were simply furnished with mirrors, thick enough to withstand any onslaught of the victim, who was flung into the chamber empty-handed and barefoot.
Don Quixote when he saw Sancho's flight without wings asked the general if this was a usual ceremony with those who came on board the galleys for the first time; for, if so, as he had no intention of adopting them as a profession, he had no mind to perform such feats of agility, and if anyone offered to lay hold of him to whirl him about, he vowed to God he would kick his soul out; and as he said this he stood up and clapped his hand upon his sword.
The few who were on board worked with all the strength and hands we had to bring the ship to rights; however, neither the men upon the stages nor those in the boats could do as they were ordered before the Cochin Chinese were upon them, when two of their boats boarded our longboat, and began to lay hold of the men as their prisoners.
Even for those in the office, once they lay hold of their phones, they do their catch-up,' said the insider.
First recorded in the early 19th century, the origin is probably the northern dialectal verb cop, 'capture, lay hold of ' (hence also 'not much cop', 'not much of a catch' - worth little).
shallow silver dish of my mind chattering, lay hold of me.
Humanity greatly needs to lay hold of the salvation brought by Christ.
We believe, teach and confess that faith alone is the means and instrument through which we lay hold of Christ .
The Israeli occupation is seeking to force Palestinian residents to leave their homes in Shuhada Street so that settlers can easily lay hold of the area," an activist from Hebron's Coalition of Youth Against Settlements told Ma'an.
Consequently, to claim ownership of the republic means an attempt by a minority to lay hold of the political power at the expense of large masses of people.
The history of the indigenization of the Chinese church is the spiritual heritage of Chinese Christians; yet without a balanced assessment and honest acknowledgment of this history, Chinese Christians cannot fully lay hold of this heritage.