lay odds

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2) argue that a, if not the, key advantage provided by the exchanges is that "by allowing anyone with access to a betting exchange to offer or lay odds, it serves to reduce margins in the odds compared with the best odds on offer with traditional bookmakers." Anecdotal evidence supports this argument; longshots prices on the exchanges tend to be generally greater than the best prices offered by racetrack bookmakers (O'Connor 2007b).
A few pages later all is revealed: "Novelist does not own a cat, and thus most certainly could not have thrown one out a window." (Not quite; not having his own cat doesn't preclude Novelist from throwing some other cat out a window.) "Nonetheless he would lay odds that more than one hopscotching reviewer will be reading carelessly enough here to never notice these two sentences and announce that he did so." That's a neat trick to get a reviewer re-reading--or more precisely, reading in the first place.
Both our associations have to pay for the use of the MSSC and I would lay odds that our councillors don't pay and are probably being paid expenses to attend these meetings, over and above their allowances.
Understandably the bookies are hesitant to lay odds on Osbourne's replacement.
If I were a betting man, I would lay odds that yoga is not about to disappear again for a long time to come."
I'll bet his book also refers to a golf club in Hoylake that somehow had the name of Liverpool attached to it, and I'll lay odds that a certain horse racing course in Sefton is also claimed as Liverpool's."
Computer furniture--a betting man probably would lay odds that this new segment will become one of the hottest areas of furniture manufacturing.
In the case of deposed Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, I am willing to lay odds that if things turn out badly for him, it will be in large part because of his highly publicized pretrial image massaging.
I'd lay odds that Charles will trip over or Camilla will faint mid-vow or Windsor will be flooded after a freak storm.
However, I'll lay odds at 10:1 that a bowbender with a stick will have double the fun at the game of roving.
I'll lay odds that life with Ms Wallace would scare the hell out of most red-blooded men.
As he relayed Rockefeller's breathtakingly brazen admissions to his readers, du Berrier knowingly commented that he would "lay odds that not a word of Mr.