lay the foundation for

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As per the schedule, Manmohan Singh will in the afternoon fly to Argul in a helicopter to lay the foundation for the NISER programme.
On July 4, as we commemorate the founding of our nation, we lay the foundation for our resurgence.
Loyola's spiritual exercises lay the foundation for programmes used by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous.
Dutch Green Party spokesman Alexander de Roo said the new measures lay the foundation for a consistent EU-wide noise policy that will firmly tackle a problem that affects one-third of the EU population.
1 -- color) Workers prepare to lay the foundation for the watch-and-wager building that will comprise part of the new Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.
Today's point technology solutions are preventative measures that lay the foundation for enterprise security," said Melissa Guenther of Log On Consulting, Inc.
To better serve its current customers and lay the foundation for future growth in the North American wood industry, Bayer's Polymers Division is investing in significantly expanded research and development capabilities, polyurethane raw materials supply, and management, technical and sales personnel.
Our instructors work closely with the organization to review, plan, implement and update the CAS to lay the foundation for the ever changing requirements for RoHS, WEEE, and other green process initiatives.
Designed to ensure line-rate connectivity between servers with data streams that exceed more than one Gigabit per second and the network core, the Force10 high density card enables True to lay the foundation for its next generation services by deploying 10 Gigabit Ethernet at the network edge that can scale from four Gigabits per second per port up to 10 Gigabits per second.
It is vital that enterprise IT and security professionals along with vendors come together now to lay the foundation for the next generation of IT security and we are delighted to welcome nCipher, one of our key security vendors, on board.
9 lay the foundation for future development, streamline the data conversion process and reduce replication, shipping and future development costs.