lay the foundation for

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As per the schedule, Manmohan Singh will in the afternoon fly to Argul in a helicopter to lay the foundation for the NISER programme.
On July 4, as we commemorate the founding of our nation, we lay the foundation for our resurgence.
Loyola's spiritual exercises lay the foundation for programmes used by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous.
The investigators comment that research into factors influencing discontinuation of HIV primary care "can lay the foundation for interventions that make [it] a much rarer event.
While we are far from finished with the process, the formal comments lay the foundation for the next steps," said Gary Mosher, AFS vice president-environment, health and safety.
A participant in the NHD summer institute, Mostoller says she is using what she learned to lay the foundation for post-Civil War reform movements.
Dutch Green Party spokesman Alexander de Roo said the new measures lay the foundation for a consistent EU-wide noise policy that will firmly tackle a problem that affects one-third of the EU population.
Today's point technology solutions are preventative measures that lay the foundation for enterprise security," said Melissa Guenther of Log On Consulting, Inc.