lay the foundation of

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References in classic literature ?
Will they ever lay the foundation of a traveling service through the solar world?
In order to work out the whole subject theoretically and to complete his book, which, in Levin's daydreams, was not merely to effect a revolution in political economy, but to annihilate that science entirely and to lay the foundation of a new science of the relation of the people to the soil, all that was left to do was to make a tour abroad, and to study on the spot all that had been done in the same direction, and to collect conclusive evidence that all that had been done there was not what was wanted.
A Christian missionary or two, and some trifling assistance from government, to protect them from the predatory and warlike tribes, might lay the foundation of a Christian people in the midst of the great western wilderness, who would "wear the Americans near their hearts."
Take it, mistress housekeeper; open the window and fling it into the yard and lay the foundation of the pile for the bonfire we are to make."
Earlier, while giving an example of France and Germany who joined hands to lay the foundation of the European Union (EU), the premier mistakenly confused France with Japan.
'The Prime Minister should first tell the people about the approval of the charter of the university that has to be built in Islamabad,' he said questioning what prompted PM Imran Khan to lay the foundation of varsity in Hyderabad secretly at the PM House.
In our democratic process, power transfers from one government to another, but not to the people," he said while addressing the ceremony held by Sir Syed University at Education City to lay the foundation of Sir Syed Technology Innovation Park of Sir Syed University Green Campus.
"Tomorrow I will be visiting Rajasthan, the land of the brave, where I will inaugurate and lay the foundation of key National Highway projects," Prime Minister Modi had tweeted.
In Manipur, Mukherjee will attend the Diamond Jubilee of Adimjati Shiksha Ashram at Imphal today where he will inaugurate the Amity Hall and SC/ST Girls Hostel and also lay the foundation of Working Women's Hostel and Tribal Boys' Hostel.