lay upon

See: enforce, impose
References in classic literature ?
One of them picked up an axe that lay upon the path, and said, "I have found an axe." "Nay, my friend," replied the other, "do not say 'I,' but 'We' have found an axe." They had not gone far before they saw the owner of the axe pursuing them, and he who had picked up the axe said, "We are undone." "Nay," replied the other, "keep to your first mode of speech, my friend; what you thought right then, think right now.
A dark battle line lay upon a sunstruck clearing that gleamed orange color.
Then stout Robin saw his chance, and, ere you could count three, Riccon's staff was over the hedge, and Riccon himself lay upon the green grass with no more motion than you could find in an empty pudding bag.
Then Robin, seeing his plight, and that he was stunned with the blow, ran, still laughing, and brought the skin of ale and poured some of it on the Beggar's head and some down his throat, so that presently he opened his eyes and looked around as though wondering why he lay upon his back.
For many days D'Arnot lay upon his bed of soft ferns.
The shoulders lay upon a low mound, and the head was turned back at an angle otherwise impossible, the expanded eyes staring blankly backward in a direction opposite to that of the feet.
It had been built just at the edge of the desert, so that all its length lay upon the gray sand except the after part, which still rested on the strip of grass.
They came slowly over the stones, and stopped at the dark figure that lay upon the ground.
It was a very still Sabbath, and the mournful sound seemed in keeping with the musing hush that lay upon nature.
He said responsibility also lay upon the masses, particularly the working class, to join hands for protection of their rights at every level.
He would crawl from the rug that he lay upon to do his business and not once did he mess on the carpet.
The flowers we lay upon his grave may wither and decay, but the love for him who lies beneath will never fade away.) Still brokenhearted sons, daughters and families.