lay waste to

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They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in their assassination campaign, and all the while new terrorists shoot up airports, hijack planes and ships, and lay waste to civilians.
A big communication campaign, including television commercials and advertisements in major newspapers and magazines, wasn't enough to erase from the public mind the picture of a company whose name is henceforth linked to pollution and profit maximization, to the point that it charters ships in pitiful condition with the potential to lay waste to the environment.
As these millions of migrants cross and recross the United States' southern border, they rapidly lay waste to any notion of "secure borders" in the demographic--and especially the cultural--sense.
HURRICANE Ivan threatened to lay waste to Cuba's tobacco fields last night after ravaging the Cayman Islands.
A Birmingham councillor has called for a group of travellers to be evicted before they lay waste to one of the city's showpiece parks.
The Giant is threatening to lay waste to Flintshire and Jack has to find the crock of gold.