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Some former employees even report being called by the contract employment agencies within days of lay-off notification.
Several media watchdogs condemned the phenomenon, saying the lay-offs were unjust and did not respect the rights of the employees.
It said its legal advice line saw a 155% increase in calls on redundancies and a 656% jump on lay-offs from January to June this year compared to 2008 as small businesses cut back costs and sought advice on employment issues.
The step follows other lay-offs in recent months aimed at reducing car production due to falling demand.
During the lay-off, they will be paid just pounds 18 a day.
The short-term lay-offs will continue until the end of the year to reduce car production at the three sites to avoid over-stocking.
The lay-offs would be effective from the end of this month, but workers may consider voluntary retirement.
Bosses blame the lay-offs on falling sales in their biggest market, the US.
In view of the financial and emotional costs of lay-offs, alternative strategies should be examined thoroughly.
Avondale Mills will sponsor a job fair in Graniteville June 27 through 29, as a way to help its workforce transition from pending lay-offs.
On Tuesday it emerged temporary lay-offs were expected at car giant Ford.