layer of society

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Corruption has penetrated every layer of society," Rasoulof told AFP by Skype from his home in Tehran, where he is effectively under house arrest since his passport was confiscated when he returned from the Telluride film festival in the US in September.
Egyptian opportunists are a product of Mubarak who contrived to create a sick layer of society to help him better manipulate Egypt's large population.
Hitler's British Black Book was compiled with a view to taking out the top layer of society and undermining British spirit.
Pretty primitive for someone in his layer of society - but it is my best explanation.
As the word telecommunications itself is meant to bridge the "digital divide" that really exists as teledensity and internet approaches are at low, access to 3G medium shall communicate and help to address such layer of society by introducing tele-medicine approaches and that can be only handy if it have back bone of broadband connection like 3G.
In particular, women, the most venerable layer of society, derive , in this region of Benin , 60-90 % of their income for the collection, processing nuts and processing of shea nuts into butter.
The issue of secular Jews becoming religious is a trenchant issue in Israel, and it seeps into every layer of society.
Fear for safety enables that political needs of a layer of society become individual needs.
Arab autocracies may lack popular support and credibility but their repressive reflexes that create barriers of fear are internalized and reproduced at virtually every layer of society.
She skims through the layer of society and sings right through to people that care.
The weight that eventually caused the collapse of both the Maya and the Roman Empire wasn't just any sort of complexity, it was an upper layer of society that was largely parasitic, consuming more and more of the resources of society without producing much value.
It is outrageous stance against a poor devastated layer of society.