layer of society

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Hitler's British Black Book was compiled with a view to taking out the top layer of society and undermining British spirit.
Pretty primitive for someone in his layer of society - but it is my best explanation.
In particular, women, the most venerable layer of society, derive , in this region of Benin , 60-90 % of their income for the collection, processing nuts and processing of shea nuts into butter.
She skims through the layer of society and sings right through to people that care.
It is outrageous stance against a poor devastated layer of society.
Why destroy the fragile layer of society that can lead the country out of crisis and restore order?
I wanted to celebrate this great city, but that means not taking pictures of just famous people - this is a book where I've taken a knife and made a cut through every layer of society," said Atlantaborn Ms de Leng, who made Liverpool her home 20 years ago and now considers herself a Merseysider.
The next layer of society could be called local communities.
It cannot price its products and services to only appeal to a certain socioeconomic layer of society.
5% of the literary output of the Greeks and Romans has survived the ages, and that these reflect mostly the world of the top layer of society.
They selflessly cream off that well-flippered layer of society that is particularly partial to having their seven-year-olds swim vast numbers of lengths on a weekend.
The lowest layer of society will follow the government,'' he said.