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Such highly layered films are still only a small factor in the market, but they're driving down the cost of packaging for some commodity medical products like glove packaging, where the package usually costs more than the product it contains.
This is probably the most highly layered coex film in medical packaging anywhere in the world.
That means there's still plenty of room to downgauge further, especially in the highly layered films.
The team notes, however, that most of the layered topography resides in or near craters, which could have provided basins for standing water.
Processors are finding new medical and industrial markets for highly layered films.
Like the first layered GMR materials, the initial granular GMR films required large magnetic fields to show the drop in resistance.
The underlying principle behind Layered Security Optimized is that in order to maintain a truly secure network infrastructure, companies must defend their networks on several distinct fronts with a total complementary solution.
This capability is expected to grow to include a wide variety of layered structures that will enable the fabrication of integrated devices that link electronic and photonic signal processing with the growing array of MEMS (Micro Electrical-Mechanical Systems) devices for sensing and display.