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In 2004, the Chicago Public Schools changed its policies to allow principals' evaluations of untenured teachers to influence layoff decisions (see "Do Principals Fire the Worst Teachers?
The department also extended the notice requirement for temporary layoffs by an Illinois state agency from 10 to 30 working days in advance of the effective layoff date.
We take these things seriously and we recognize that it's people impacted by the layoffs," Mack said.
Now layoffs and restructurings are actually expected.
He said the goal is to make reductions without layoffs and to maintain the same level of service.
Finally, we examined whether it was the layoff activities or their consequences that were associated with the deleterious effects we uncovered.
One sticking point is that the newspaper has refused to extend health care benefits after the layoffs take effect, according to the Guild.
Question: What are the legal rules employers must use when selecting individuals for layoff and recall?
Extended mass layoffs constitute a major source of job separations, especially during recessions, when the need for major employment adjustment is widespread.
We focused on layoffs because they are common operating decisions that affect shareholder wealth and, thus, CEO pay," he explains.
For the year after a layoff occurred, CEOs of those firms received 22.