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LAYMAN, eccl. law. One who is not an ecclesiastic nor a clergyman.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A cross-sectional survey conducted in Oman revealed that awareness of the importance of CPR is low, and 60% of laypeople surveyed did not know how to perform CPR.
Finally, the bioethics movement has "firmly established the role of laypeople--namely, ethics consultants--into one of the most complex, fast-paced, and specialized professional domains." Dzur's discussion of bioethics differs somewhat from his other cases, because although bioethicists may be laypeople with respect to medicine, bioethics was founded by professional philosophers and theologians.
A chapter on Catholic Action relates the varied causes of social action undertaken by laypeople, including those involved in the Catholic worker movement, the Holy Name Society, the National Council of Catholic Women, and other social justice groups.
It is so because they were in a habit of explaining to the laypeople that observing 8 precepts is higher or better than one who is observing 5 precepts, and samanera observing 10 precepts is better than a maeji observing 8 precepts, and of course a bhikkhu with 227 precepts is a better field of merit to make offering to as compare to samanera or the 8-precept nun.
One day the whole church will come to the place where many pastors, congregations, and laypeople already are.
In line with this accelerating trend, the ''citizen judge'' system is designed to improve the trial proceedings by combining the legal expertise and professional savvy of judges with laypeople's common sense in judging cases.
Another type of compound well known to laypeople is a large fenced or walled-in area.
If the majority of American Catholics failed to follow CPFers' lead, continuing to defer to legitimate authority, the actions of the many laypeople that made up the CPF signaled the impact of Vatican II and the beginnings of change in the American Church itself.
However, in Denmark the views of laypeople are highly valued and it is believed that a profound understanding of technological issues can only be attained if citizens are involved.
The major difference between these offenses and those committed by clergy, however, is that laypeople found guilty of sex abuse of minors are usually removed from society and turned over to the criminal justice system.
With these principles firmly in mind, we invited six rural Presbyterian congregations (it grew to eight) in southwestern Ontario to send teams of three to five laypeople to two weekend training events held at Camp Shalom (a retreat centre south of Cambridge, Ontario).
But videotaped studies of standard CPR document that laypeople spend most of their time doing the assisted breathing component, not compressing the chest.