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LAYMAN, eccl. law. One who is not an ecclesiastic nor a clergyman.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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First published in 1975, Our Church And Our Children by Orthodox Christian laywoman, teacher, mother, and grandmother Sophie Koulomzin (and who taught Religious Educatoin at St.
"[Politicians are] very used to making speeches and promises," said Marilyn Denton, a Methodist laywoman and United Interfaith representative.
Created from the most refined floral scents, a blend of jasmine, hyacinth and white musk, at least to my laywoman's nose, it smells uncannily similar to my last Chanel purchase, maybe with a few spice notes added.
More importantly, there are personal anecdotes to help put the medical jargon in laywoman's language and explain the various phases and symptoms of perimenopause.
A lower-class laywoman like Rose of Viterbo faced far more formidable obstacles when she set out to preach; and her decision to preach in the open piazza, rather than closed chambers, caused a far greater stir and provoked much sharper criticism.
Britnell explores the theological assumptions underlying the writings of this laywoman, who paradoxically reveals a deep nostalgia for the religious life.
But new research from the University of Milan suggests that this temporary relief may cause dysmenorrhea, or in laywoman's terms, killer cramps.
Through a Universe Darkly is aimed at that semimythical creature, the intelligent laywoman, whose ideal personification in the minds of professional astronomers is the reader of Sky & Telescope.
The bishops, who have been accused of interferingwith the pursuit of justice by alleged victims, promised to share information with the national prosecutor's office; vowed to release information on diocesan investigations and urged the superiors of religious orders to do the same; expanded the competencies of their national review board and appointed a laywoman lawyer to lead it; and appointed another laywoman to direct their new Department for the Prevention of Abuse.
Pilipina was cofounded by Remedios Ignacio Rikken, a laywoman who had helped set up the first social action center in the diocese of Tagum in the 1960s, and Sister Mary John Mananzan, a consecrated woman involved in Catholic solidarity with workers in the 1970s.
Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, a Spanish priest, and Francesca Chaouqui, a laywoman, were taken into custody over the weekend on suspicion of leaking confidential documents at the Holy See, according toAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA ( Reuters.
My disappointment, however, was tempered by the following experience: As the circa 2900 nuns processed into the temple to receive their lunchtime dane, a laywoman standing next to me suddenly exclaimed with excitement and delight "My nuns!