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Lazare said in an e-mail sent yesterday morning to faculty, staff and students.
Lazare, author of a noted book on apology, plans to complete a new volume on humiliation and give lectures based on his "On Apology" book, Mr.
Lazare, 71, maintained an ambitious schedule after his kidney operation in fall 2005, but concern about a heart arrhythmia detected in the past month has prompted him to relinquish his leadership role to attend to his health.
Aaron Lazare would be the state's most generously rewarded retiree, with an annual pension of about $291,000.
Lazare had earned the right to step aside when he chose to.
Lazare was not required to submit the sabbatical application, Mr.
Select Lazare retailer partners from around the world, (U.
Before joining MEGA, Lazare was head of the Paris office for Itecor, a consulting company focused on IT governance, and started the Paris office for Equitime, a time management software company.
Consumers will be asked to explain the characteristics of an ideal cut Lazare Diamond and to write an essay describing when "they just knew" their wife, husband, fiance, girlfriend, boyfriend was "the one" for a chance to win a Lazare Diamond Pendant.
Lazare has stepped down as chancellor and dean of UMass because he had developed a cardiac arrhythmia.
The webcast replay of the conference call can be found by entering Lazare Kaplan's ticker symbol, "LKI," on the www.
It is planned under equipment ZAC Clichy Batignolles in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, performing above the beam Saint Lazare rail accessible to all types of traffic road bridge.