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Elle sera egalement elue superieure a plusieurs reprises et a ce titre elle aura a superviser les travaux de construction pour un nouveau lazaret puis un nouvel orphelinat.
After discussing the spatial data from Vaufrey Cave, Lazaret Cave and Canalettes, Mellars describes the principle structures that are found in Middle Palaeolithic contexts: hearths, pavements, walls, pits, post-holes, etc.
Procurement the Objective of the Acquisition Is the Provision of Maintenance Services Running During Winter 2015-2016 Across Sdn Sibiu- Balea Lot 1- Base, Base Bradu, Selimbar Base, Base Sacel Point Support Miercurea Sibiu, Lazaret and Lot 2 Point Support Support Copsa Mica Point, Point Support Medias, Sura Mare Base, Base Dumbraveni in the Drdp Brasov
Total quantity or scope: Current Maintenance winter 2015-2016 across SDN Sibiu- Balea Lot 1- Base, Base Bradu, Selimbar Base, Base Sacel Point Support Miercurea Sibiu, Lazaret and Lot 2 Support Point Support Point Copsa Mica Point Support Medias, Sura Mare Base, Base Dumbraveni, as requested by the specification.
Deposits and guarantees required: Bidder shall constitute a guarantee of participation issued in the name of the bidder in the amount of: Lot 1- Base Balea, Bradu Base, Base Selimbar, Sacel Base, Point Support Miercurea Sibiu, Lazaret Support Point Lot 2 = 39,600.
But it is the legacy of the histories associated with the island that make this appeal all the more complex and compelling-its former role as a lazaret just off the coast of Brisbane seemed to be shrouded in myths and conjecture.
Even the briefest visit to the site makes evident the devotion and care that has been exercised to hold off the eventual disappearance of the former lazaret.
4) and The Leper Shall Dwell Alone: Peel Island Lazaret Conservation Plan, by Thom Blake and Robert Riddel.
The Lazaret Midden has produced more fish bone by weight and count than any other reported site in Moreton Bay (cf Ulm 1995).
As the Lazaret Midden dates to 1600BP, this site cannot be used to answer this question.
Archival and historical archaeological investigations of the lazaret and other European institutions on Peel Island have been undertaken over recent years by amateur historian Peter Ludlow (1989, 1991), professional historian Thom Blake (1993) and professional historical archaeologist Jon Prangnell (1999).
The excavation of the Lazaret Midden is a community-based archaeological research project funded by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.