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Durant la periode de 1913 a 1940, les archives concernant l'Academie sont assez pauvres et les chroniques sont plus axees sur l'Hotel-Dieu et le lazaret de Tracadie.
Lot 2: Upgrading and refurbishment of four streets in Area Lazaret I (namely: Turgheniev, Balantei, Laminorului and Plevnei Streets with approximate total length of 0.
Two shell/charcoal paired samples were dated from the Lazaret Midden located on the north margin of Peel Island in southern Moreton Bay (Figure 1, Table 3) (Ross 2001; Ross and Coghill 2000; Ross and Duffy 2000).
Peel was established as a lazaret in 1907 (remaining open until 1959), and prior to this many of the Moreton Bay islands had also been annexed to house 'others' who did not fit governmental ideals of a healthy, well-controlled society.
Por el momento se limitan a los conjuntos de cuatro sitios franceses del Pleistoceno medio: Caune de l'Arago (Desclaux 1992; Costamagno y Laroulandie 2004), Terra-Amata (Guennouni 2001), Grotte du Lazaret (Guennouni 2001; Jullien y Pillard 1969; Pillard 1969) y Orgnac 3 (Guennouni 2001); a otros cinco musterienses de Francia: Crouzade (Gerber 1973 citado por Costamagno y Laroulandie 2004), Les Canalettes (Cochard 2004a), Pie Lombard, Salpetre de Pompignan y Combe Grenal (Chase 1986); y a cuatro mas de la Peninsula Iberica: Cova Negra (Martinez Valle 1996), Cova Beneito (Martinez Valle e Iturbe 1993; Martinez Valle 1996), Moros de Gabasa (Blasco Sancho 1995) y Vanguard Cave South (Fernandez-Jalvo y Andrews 2000).
We have previously reported (Ross et al 1999) that fish bone in the Lazaret Midden represents almost 60,000 NISPs (number of individual specimens) weighing almost 250 g, from just one 50 x 50 cm pit.
The remains which best show us their life style are those of the cave of Lo Lazaret in Nice on the Cote d'Azur.
In 1906 the Queensland government gazetted the northwestern portion of the island as a lazaret for the treatment of sufferers of Hansen's disease (leprosy).
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Ocean Observatory VILLEFRANCHE SUR MER 284 chemin du Lazaret 06234 Villefranche-sur-Mer
the joint management partners are seeking a concrete contractor to provide a reinforced concrete slab for construction of an operational workshop and storage/machinery shed facility at the lazaret on teerk roo ra regional park (peel island).