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Many died from exposure, malnutrition and disease by the lazaretto.
Those areas designated by the defter as mezra'a or uninhabited ciftliks include Tristena, Giofiri, Carvunocori, Muscugli, Lesachi, Lefco, Cassi, Papuglia Cato, Lesaga, Gugli, Cramidi, Mellissi, Petrocori, Rudhia, Delachmeti, and Arcadina di Lazaretto (Table 7).
Thus, despite the decision not to restore the Lazaretto to its 1847 configuration, the presentation of Grosse Ile's material culture offers multiple points of access--small and large scale, document- and image-based, literal and symbolic--to the narrative of Irish Famine emigration.
159 Entrance to the Mahon lazaretto (quarantine station).
Dividing the island into "sick" and "healthy" zones, he set up a new hospital area at the eastern end of the island for the healthy and oversaw the rapid construction of a dozen pre-fabricated wooden hospital sheds -- of which the Lazaretto is the sole remaining example.
The first lazaretto (plague hospital/infirmary) was set up in 1423 in Venice.
YOU'LL find far more crowds at the twin beaches of Le Bombarde and Lazaretto, two stretches of white sand about 15 minutes north of Alghero.
Also, the prime minister stated that the government had invested 12 billion escudos on constructing energy infrastructure in Cabo Verde in recent years, comprising the only power plant on Santo AntEuo and the extension, modernisation and raised production at the Lazaretto power plant (SEuo Vicente) as well as the Santiago interconnection.
Some urged the creation of a lazaretto, or isolation hospital, located south of the city on an island in the Delaware River, to prevent immigrants from coming into the city before being thoroughly evaluated by government doctors.
The lazaretto was commonly referred to as Nazarethum or Lazarethum because of the resemblance of the word lazaretto to the biblical name Lazarus (12).