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But most of the Memoirs was based on Howard's own two books, for these chronicle his major public achievements: appearances before parliamentary bodies; legislation he helped draft; his ideas on managing prisons, lazarettos, and hospitals; and, above all, his strenuous travels and the masses of descriptive data they yielded.
New lazarettos were planned at western ports, and an extensive structure was established near Bordeaux, France (26).
Borromeo was highly admired for his care for the afflicted during the plague outbreak in Milan from 1576-77, and his insistence on administering the sacraments to those confined to the lazarettos, at great risk to his own health.
These regulations and practices included quarantine (period of isolation ranging from 14 to >40 days and occasionally even longer, depending on the health of the port of origin), lazarettos, public health offices, and cordoni di sanita, which on the Ionian Islands were coastal garrisons that controlled access to Venetian territories (16).
An exhaustive, illustrated survey of lazarettos is given in John Howard's 1789 treatise on the subject (Figure 2) (19).