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A research team from Stanford University surveyed 700,000 respondents and their daily step data to find which where the most active and the laziest countries in the world.
In second place was a man from Hartlepool, giving Mark, who scooped Netflix and takeaway vouchers, the title of the laziest in Wales.
Americans are some of the laziest people in the world, according to a (https://www.
KIRKLEES is the laziest borough in West Yorkshire, according to NHS figures.
It was probably the laziest party anybody could have thrown their kid, but that night Zac said: "That was the best birthday ever, Mum.
MARTIN O'NEILL claims Anthony Stokes is one of the laziest players he's seen.
Westgate Ark Cat Homing Centre in Newcastle is asking people to send in photos of their pets in the hope of finding the laziest cats in the region.
By 1930, moxie had become a slang term for nerve and verve, maybe because some people thought the drink (something of a precursor to today's energy drinks) could cure almost any illness and energize even the laziest person.
PEOPLE in the West Midlands are among the laziest in the country when it comes to walking, a poll has revealed.
Mancunians are laziest, says a UK Active survey, with half exercising less than once a month.
The Telegraph reported last week how a new study branded the city amongst the laziest places in the UK to live.