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The competition features six feline-themed categories, including the laziest cat, cats in action, the bond between cat and human, cats close up, kittens and an open category.
I might give him another run over hurdles to sharpen him up because he's the laziest horse I've ever had in my life.
Mancunians are laziest, says a UK Active survey, with half exercising less than once a month.
The Telegraph reported last week how a new study branded the city amongst the laziest places in the UK to live.
The other is the most incompetent and laziest UN employee in history, a failed Australian politician whose only success, other than travelling the world and dining extensively, is to hire one of his own offspring on his staff.
29 ( ANI ): 'Star Wars' makers have created a new character, which they claim is the laziest, grumpiest and rudest from the franchise.
Gen Y shoppers are the laziest returners: nine percent do not check return policies because they know they will not bother to return an item.
This may be the laziest stereotype I have ever committed to print, but I'm hoping that Hawaii's college team take to the field in helmets, big fat party animal shirts and grass skirts.
It seems that even the Laziest of couch potatoes is a human power generator: Taking a breath and exhaling can produce about a watt of power, and walking briskly to the fridge can generate about 70 watts' worth.
Women spend 10 per cent more on such products than men, and Scotland appears to be the laziest region with consumers spending Au74.
Women spend 10% more on such products than men, and Scotland appears to be the laziest part of the UK with consumers spending pounds 74.
THE Nuffield Health report published the 10 laziest cities this week, and Cardiff came in at number 10.