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Life on board MS Olympia There really can be few holidays more relaxing and enjoyable than those spent lazily drifting through some of Europe's most enticing scenery on board delightful, warm and welcoming MS Olympia.
It is a time to explore beautiful Bute Park and observe the Taff blue as the sky lazily brush-stroked with feather clouds, to follow your shadow, enjoying the sun, relax outside a cafe bar and seek inner peace before the stress of the week.
Unfortunately, Mike Figgis' "Suspension of Disbelief" forgets this key component, offering instead a lazily constructed meta-pic about a screenwriter's fixation on a dead woman's twin.
Also I can think of nothing worse than germ-ridden, lazily discarded, chewing gum on the streets and pavements, except perhaps so-called role model footballers spitting on the pitch, especially after mouthing it off at the referee and in full view of TV cameras.
While the others are stretching out on the bed lazily on weekends we can see our Filipino expatriates involved in deep cleaning of their cars, something in addition to their daily routine cleaning.
Though I accept we live in a culture that looks to heighten and expose lazily defined failures and flaws in anybody's character, perhaps in the interest of fairness you could mention what many would declare to be quite admirable qualities in a human being.
Consecutive regimes have always, lazily , opted for the status quo in opposition to the best research.
IVAN SMAGGHE belongs to a top table of DJs that are often lazily described as "The DJs' DJs".
I believe George will not make this mistake, which is pretty significant, for this is a brand that could easily rely lazily on the clout of its parent and assume new markets will hoover it up.
15pm We asked 100 people: which quiz show is perfect to round off a hectic weekend as you lazily slump in front of the telly after a huge Sunday roast?
There's more to fishing than just wasting an afternoon lazily on a boat.
He strolled across the stone flags and lazily brushed against our legs.