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Instead of climbing up and down the cliff from his cave to the stream in the valley and back again every time he felt thirsty, the bucket let him enjoy the very first luxury of laziness.
As a professional driver I spend a lot of hours on the road and have seen a distinct laziness in the locale of Anglesey and Gwynedd.
Of course, laziness counteracts human potential and usually results in substandard performance.
Karachi Zebras' manager Saeed Jabbar had earlier said his team's senior players, including captain Hasan Raza and former captain Danish Kaneria's laziness and post-match queries convinced him that they were involved in wrongdoings in the match against Peshawar Panthers in the Super Eight T20 Cup.
Lady Gaga certainly can't be accused of laziness - the workaholic singer plans to release her third album before the end of 2010.
state ot from Iam already not a - All too often cats are put out at night, either as misplaced 'tradition' or the laziness of its owner
He said that laziness was a big disease across the world but it was not recognised as one.
MORE than 15 million people in Britain risk internet fraud because of laziness over passwords.
Maria Perrins, 41, from Sutton Coldfield, said laziness was a national problem rather than a regional one.
Byline: Many do not turn up at the dawn, say residents, who blame it on laziness and a lack of motivation