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A lazy eye occurs when the brain connections responsible for vision aren't made properly.
Lead researcher, Dr Ben Thompson, commented: "It's a long-held view that adults can't be treated for lazy eye because their brains no longer have the capacity to change.
While darkness therapy offers hope to children with lazy eye, the researchers warned parents not to try it at home.
The Results: Maternal smoking was definitely associated with an increased risk of strabismus in the children--and the more the mother smoked, the greater the risk of lazy eye.
Upon hearing cues, amblyopia participants attempt to see the lines with the lazy eye, repeating this visual task 900 times each day.
Only a few months earlier, Mays had pushed her pediatrician to take a second, closer look at her own baby daughter's lazy eye.
The suspect, who has a lazy eye and distinctive mark on his chin, is still on the run from police after his double strike on Thursday.
Smith was awarded the GBP1,000 prize for the Eurasia region, while the award for best first book went to Donna Daley-Clarke for her novel Lazy Eye.
Stuart Maxwell could be struck off for allegedly failing to administer the proper treatment for amblyopia, known as lazy eye, over a three-year period.
With lazy eye, one eye is weaker and the brain begins ignoring the poorer eye, thus objects in the world seem flatter.
He injected small amounts into the overactive muscles of patients with lazy eye syndrome.
QMY son had an eye test recently and I was told he has a lazy eye.